“Brother Tim has a heart for the Lord and has seen the Savior move in many incredible ways, in which he gives God all the glory. He has been through some tremendous physical difficulties and has found that God is more than enough and that He still gives grace and provides for every need. Brother Tilley preaches in a manner that the church would be encouraged and challenged by God’s Eternal Word. I would ask you to prayerfully consider Brother Tilley to be an encourager for you as the pastor and an edifier to the church!”

–Avery Varnadore
Lexington, NC
Sending Church of Tim Tilley Ministries

“I want to recommend Tim Tilley to you. I have known Tim for a number of years. He has proven himself to be a faithful and diligent servant of the Lord. Tim is a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. he is a good preacher who has content in his messages. I believe you could benefit from the ministry of this dear man. He has a wonderful family. They are dedicated to the service of the Lord. Again I would recommend Tim. I hope you can use him. He is willing to be used in any way God sees fit.”

-Dr. Roger Baker
European Field Director
Macedonia World Baptist Missions, Inc.

“Thank you for taking the time to consider the ministry of Tim Tilley. I have been impressed with his heart for God and desire to reach the souls of men. During his time at CBBC, Bro. Tim has demonstrated the ability to handle God’s Word accurately and to preach it passionately. Bro. Tim’s wife and children are fully behind him and serve to compliment his ministry. He is available to provide pulpit supply, revival meetings and special days. I have no hesitation in recommending this dear man of God to you. Pastor, I do not believe that Bro. Tim will be a disappointment to you if you desire to use him in any of these ministry opportunities. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.”

-Kevin Broyhill
Calvary Baptist Church
King, NC

“I recommend to you the ministry of Evangelist Tim Tilley. Tim has faithfully served the Lord in his local church in many areas. The Lord has used him and his family. He has preached for us at Open Door and been a blessing. I believe our Lord will continue to use Tim and his family in the future.”

-Dr. Gary Gibson Pastor
Open Door Baptist Church
Lexington, NC

“I have known Brother Tilley for the last nine to ten years and I have found him to be a wonderful devoted friend who truly loves the Lord. He takes his calling into the ministry of evangelism seriously and the Lord has honored that by giving him fruit for his labor. Brother Tilley is an excellent teacher and preacher. God has given him the gifts of preaching and teaching and has greatly used him as a youth pastor and evangelist. We have seen lives changed under his ministry as he faithfully preaches and teaches the Word of God. Tim has been a great source of joy and inspiration to me and I give my highest recommendation to you for him and I trust that you will use him in your ministry. I can say with the greatest of confidence that he will certainly strengthen and encourage your people. If I were a pastor I would have him in my church as often as possible to partner with us in the work of evangelism.”

-Dr. Frank Patterson
Veteran Missionary

“The Tilley family came to our church recently to minister during our revival services. I had never personally met this family before, but immediately their gracious and helpful spirit caught my attention. Also their heart to encourage was evident. Tim’s preaching was very biblically sound, as well as intertwined with personal and historical illustrations that brought home the message. God used his preaching to stir believers for Christ. Brother Tim also has a heart for pastors and seeks to strengthen them as well. In addition, the Tilley daughters sang some good, soul stirring songs every night that added much to the service. Mrs. Tilley was also a blessing to the ladies of our church, especially as she spoke during our ladies brunch. Overall I would say that this family loves the Lord and seeks to encourage local bible-believing churches in any way they can. I certainly recommend Tim Tilley and his family, for they were a great blessing to our church!”

-Pastor Paul Clow
Landmark Baptist Church
Loudon, NH

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